Rollators and Walkers

walking aid for the elderly

Walking Aid for the Elderly

Walking aid for the elderly include products like rollators and walkers.  They are useful products that help seniors get around easier.  What’s the difference between a rollator and a walker? To put is simple, a rollator is walker with a wheel at the bottom of each leg.  It combines an adjustable height walking frame with small wheels. Instead of lifting the walker, you just push the rollator.


Walkers are useful for people with certain health conditions.  For example, back and hip problems, arthritis, and maybe breathing conditions.  These situations could limit your ability to walk and or walk longer distance.  This is where a walker comes in handy.  It is usually a aluminum frame that has four legs, and will allow people to lean on it for support.

Walkers are usually light, so they are easy to be pick up and move.  Additional features includes comfort grips, and rubber caps are usually installed over the tips of the legs.  This helps to prevent slipping and improves the stability of the walker.


Rollators are basically walkers with wheels, that is why they are sometimes called wheeled walkers.  They can have three or four wheels, with a handlebar and built in seat.  In addition, you can purchase more accessories.  Such as baskets to hold stuff when you go shopping.

Most rollators and walkers are fold-able, and therefore easy to transport and store when not in use.  Rollators generally are more expensive than walkers.  Therefore, you can expect to pay about $50 more for rollators.

What’s right for you depends on your preference, however you should consider these factors.

  • Your height and weight
  • Special limitations you may have
  • How stable you are?

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