Walk in Tubs

walk in tubs prices

Walk in Tubs prices

Walk in tubs prices have come down quite a bit.  Hence, you can find them here at Elderly Safety Products.  Who wouldn’t want to relax and take a nice hot bath in your favorite bathtub?  Unfortunately, not everyone can lift their legs over the bathtub.

The solution is the walk in tub, specially designed for individuals with limit mobility in mind. Walk in tubs prices are lower and are perfect for seniors because they reduce the number of falls in the bathroom.  Which by the way is the most dangerous place in the house for seniors.


  • Hydrotherapy: Did you ever wonder some athletes soak in a tub after a game or competition? And some seniors love to spend time in the swimming pool, the answer is hydrotherapy.  Basically, this involves the use of water to treat pain relief.  The properties of water can help stimulate blood circulation and treat symptoms of various illness(arthritis).
  • Steam, soaking: The steam that from hot water can help open your nasals.  As a result, this will help circulation.  This can relief headaches cause by stress! Soaking in a hot bath is almost like exercising.  Believe it or not! When you are in a hot bath, your heart rate goes up while lower your blood pressure.  Just like if you were exercising!
  • Avoiding accidents: This is probably best benefit of walk in tubs, and that is they reduces accidents.  Bathrooms are the most dangerous place for seniors because that’s where they fall and get injured the most.

In addition, some walk in tubs can be luxurious.  Go ahead and treat yourself, you deserve it!  Enjoy the deep relaxation and the therapeutics benefits of a warm bath.  We also have models that allow you to enjoy a quick invigorating shower.  Please check out the combination walk in bathtub/shower for a universal solution.  We have the best walk in tubs prices around!

Please click here to see our walk in tubs prices: http://elderlysafetyproducts.com/product-category/walk-in-tubs/

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    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Shalene,

      Walk in tubs are not just for seniors, it’s great for everyone. They can be luxurious and lots of fun. In addition, even athletes can benefit from them.

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