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Stair chair lifts are great products that help you go up an down your stairs.  They are designed to save space and provide you with safety.  Let’s face it, we are all aging and we need to future proof our homes.  This will allow us to enjoy our homes during the golden years.

stair chair lifts

Mobility will be our major concern, and with a few simple modifications we can remain independent in our homes for many years to come.  Stair chair lifts are the solution to safely go up and the down your stairs.  They are quality built and many come back by lifetime limited warranties from the manufacturers.

Here are some benefits that stair chair lifts provide:

  •  Independence:  There is no reason not to enjoy both levels of your home. In addition, you don’t need a caregiver or assistance to travel up and down the stairs again. Besides it can be a very dangerous situation if both of you were to fall! Furthermore, stair chair lifts are always available for use anytime of the day.
  •  Safety: Falls are the leading cause of injury that a senior experience from home.  This is especially dangerous when we are dealing with stairs.  Stair chair lifts have many safety features, such as remote control or call return, seat belt, and backup battery.  In addition, there is a sensor that will stop the chair if there is obstacle in the way.
  • Practical and economical: Home care is very expensive and you can’t always have family members over to help.  Installing a stair lift is a smart investment for the future.  You will save in money and in accident prevention.

Stair chair lifts are also very flexible and installation is possible on just about any staircase.  Whether the stairs are straight, curve or have multiple landings and turns, there is usually a solution.  Furthermore, the chair setup can come either left or right hand.  Therefore, there are different models to accompanied the different situations.

We at Elderly Safety Products provide straight stair lifts with the latest innovations, and only from top manufacturers.

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