senior citizen jobs

senior citizen jobs

Senior Citizen jobs, jobs that Senior Citizens Can Do

Many seniors look forward to their retirement once they reach the age of 60 and above.  However, others choose to remain in their workplace or search for other senior citizen jobs. Studies show that a high percentage of seniors still have the desire to work.  Whether for non-financial or financial reasons. There is no argument that there are many different jobs that senior citizens can do.  In addition, these jobs are locate in various fields and industries.  Where seniors provide both valuable experience and skills to clients and companies that they work for. Senior citizen jobs are indeed continuously growing.

Jobs that Most Senior Citizens Do

There are many reasons why elders continue to look for senior citizen jobs even after retirement. Aside from the desire to continue to earn money.  Working in old age is believed to make them stay mentally and physically healthy. Some seniors would prefer to have jobs in fields with less stress, more flexibility, and fewer work hours.  However, still with a reasonable rate and more.

The following are the common senior citizen jobs that many seniors do:

  • Consultant

Many seniors are visible working in the consulting industry.

In most cases, seniors with specialized experience and advance degree can greatly consider a career in the field of consulting. Consultants can leverage their many years of training and connections to set hours to have a flexible schedule.

Taking for instance, seniors with knowledge and experience in finance, programming, website development and litigation are very valuable. Companies can even afford to pay high fees on consultants because they do not usually pay for their benefits. So, among the long list of senior citizen jobs available today.  Working as a consultant is one of the best jobs for seniors.

  • Retail Business

Seniors can also consider opening their retail business and become retailers. They may have collections like antiques and other vintage items. Perhaps they have something unique to offer, they can easily get started. If you are planning to become a retailer, you need to look into your Local Chamber of Commerce for some resources. You can start a site and advertise your products or services. Make sure to use social media when promoting your business.

  • Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs are also part of the long list of senior citizen jobs that are available today.

These jobs provide seniors the opportunity for them to alternate works with great leisure. However, temporary jobs for senior vary and may include general labor or office jobs.  For example, customer service, data processing and bookkeeping.

The good thing about temporary jobs is that you can stop when you need some break or pass on a job and wait for the next senior citizen job that comes along. Several temporary jobs do no really require specific sets of skills, advanced degree or work experience.

Senior citizen jobs can be found mostly online. There are many online platforms or directories that can help individuals find the best senior citizen job suited for them. Internet makes it easier to look for a job and start another new career which makes senior more productive despite their age.


17 thoughts on “senior citizen jobs

    • Maun says:

      Hi there, This post is not only important for seniors, but also it is important for me. My neighbor are senior citizens. I recognized that most of them are willing to work. No work, they sleep all day. No good!

      Many times I would like to help, but I can’t . Now, I will refer them to your site. I will also bookmark your site because I have senior citizen at home.

      Thanks again for great info.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Will,
      Yes, it’s very important for seniors to stay active. Besides, they still have a lot to offer. Thanks for the positive feedback.

  1. Jed says:

    Some of the elderly people are restless and just hate sitting idle. What better can it be then to work in the field in which they have knowledge and experience. Thank you for providing information on jobs for seniors. This will certainly be helpful for those senior citizens who want to look for a job.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Jed,
      Seniors are a great source of knowledge, and can be beneficial for many businesses. It makes a lot of sense for many companies to hire seniors as consultants and not only save money but also increase diversity.

  2. Paul says:

    Retirement from work doesn’t mean retirement from activity, people are living longer now meaning a longer time retired.
    There are many more opportunities particularly online now for retirees with a lot of time on their hands to try new things.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Paul,

      You made a good point, people are living longer. However, the retirement age haven’t really adjust, and therefore people can still be very productive even after so called retirement age. Being productive also has other benefits besides earning income. Its good to keep the mind sharp and spirits up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Ronnie NMN Jordan says:

    I think it is very motivating to a senior citizen to hear these things you wrote about. Many of them will start to feel unimportant at times. And you are right there are a vast majority things they can do if they put their minds to it. Me myself want to thank you because this post will be very helpful to someone.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Ronnie,
      We will all become seniors ourselves, if we are fortunate enough. We are all human and elders should not feel any less useful. There are many successful seniors that continue to be active and that’s the secret. Thanks for the positive feedback, cheers.

  4. Angelic says:

    What a good point you’re making here. Usually when seniors retire they fall into a black hole because everything they did every day isn’t there anymore. And there is nothing more to do! But now they have realized that they definitely still are ‘needed’ and makes their lives even more active and also still important. They can still make a diffrence in their lives and another lives and they can also enjoy their well deserved ‘rest years.’ I think all seniors have to know about your site! Chapeau!

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Angelic,

      Thanks for the positive comments! Another thing that seniors can do is volunteer. There are many activities that elders can participate in besides working. Churches and charities are great places to help less fortunate people. This way, seniors can still feel very productive because they are.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I totally agree that seniors work not only to make extra income but also to stay mentally alert and physically active. I think everyone should keep on learning no matter how old we are. This way, we’ll still be sought after even when we’re seniors.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      Seniors are a valuable part of society, remember we will be seniors one day too. Yes they must stay active and always look to improve their knowledge in everything. As a result, seniors will surely be more happy and thus even live longer.

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