senior citizen cruise deals

senior citizen cruise deals

Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

One of the best perks of being a senior is the luxury and excitement of traveling. Even if seniors have yet to retire, it’s always nice to plan for an exciting cruise. Nevertheless, with the broad selections of senior citizen cruise deals available today, it can be tough to decide.  Also, choosing the best cruise deals for seniors can become confusing and challenging. You definitely do not want to book a cruise which will not meet your expectations.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

Cruises commonly come in different types, duration, activities on board the ship and land and destinations. If you want to pick the best senior citizen cruise deals that’s right for you, there are things to consider.

Before you start your search of finding the best deals and cruise packages, consider the following:

  • The number of days you intend to cruise or travel
  • Who is traveling with you (solo traveler, traveling with a group, family or a partner)
  • Things that you look forward to from the travel cruise
  • Mobility issues or any health condition you have requiring special attention and assistance
  • Available budget for the said cruise
  • Types of cruise you prefer ( sailing ships, river cruise, luxury cruise and more)

When looking for the best senior citizen cruise deals, you will find different ships to choose from. 

These ships will provide different services, amenities and facilities. There are some cruise lines that do not really cater towards seniors, but still may provide the best experience. For example, they may have the best amenities and facilities to ensure ultimate convenience.  Therefore, the best deals will allow you to have access to finer things.  For example, many ships have pools, entertainment rooms, dine in spots and more. Of course getting the best senior citizens cruise deals will  add to the enjoyment of the experience.

Helpful Cruising Tips for Seniors

It is not a secret that cruising is very appealing to many seniors. In contrary to most individuals’ belief that cruising are just for couples and young travelers.  Seniors are now showing more interest on traveling solo or with family and friends.  Seniors are also mostly on the lookout for the best senior citizen cruise deals.

This pursuit is never that easy but the following are helpful cruising tips for seniors:

  • Find the Right Ships that Perfectly Fits You

The size of the cruise ship can be an ultimate indicator on what the atmosphere would be like. The ship you will choose should not neglect your needs, considering your age.

It should carry complete amenities, facilities and should provide personalized service.

  • Plan your Itinerary Wisely

Planning your itinerary is important since this can set the tone of your entire cruise. If you have well-planned itinerary, you are more likely to achieve a great cruising experience.

  • Seek Out for Discounts on Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

When you are booking on your own or through a travel agent.  You must always remember to ask if there are discounted deals or offers with guaranteed senior discounts.

These are just few of the many cruising tips that seniors should keep in mind.  In order to ensure an amazing cruising experience, you have to do a little research.




17 thoughts on “senior citizen cruise deals

  1. elderlysafetyproducts says:

    Hi, please share your thoughts. What are you looking for in a cruise? Where can you find senior citizen cruise deals?

  2. luca says:

    Really useful post i was just looking for a nice cruise for my parents, which are not that young anymore and never been on one and trying to get as many infos to let them have a nice trip, i’m based in Europe it shouldn’t be that difficult to find the right one

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Luca,
      You should have no problems finding different cruises in Europe. The important thing is to know what kind of experience your parents want before you go searching. Always got to your homework, but it is worth it!

  3. Marc says:

    This is a very informative site. I am not quite in the senior market yet but very soon i will need to take more advantage of your site. Thanks again for the great information.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Marc,
      This site is not only for seniors, but also for anyone who knows a senior. Especially, a loved one like a family member. Thanks for the positive comments, cheers.

  4. Steve says:

    This seems great advice. I am not quite at the senior age but Looking to treat my parents to a cruise for their 50th wedding anniversary!!! I will use all your tips to ensure I get the best cruise for them.


    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Steve,
      Wow, 50th anniversary! A cruise would be a great way to celebrate. They will have the a great time, thanks for the positive comments.

  5. Jed says:

    Hi this is very useful post. Thank you for the list of things to consider when we plan for cruise with elders. My mom will surely love this idea. Thanks for your useful tips. I will come back for the tips soon.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Jed,
      Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope your mom enjoys herself, if she does go on a cruise. Always remember to ask for senior discounts. Cheers.

  6. Craig says:

    Really good information here and there are quite a few things to consider for choosing the right cruise. I think it’s important to know how long each journey will last and how many stops there are too. in my experience too many stopovers can be very tiring. I always look for how the companies cater for Seniors because that shows that they care. If they shy away from providing services for Seniors I always try to avoid them. Thanks for the useful tips 🙂

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Craig,
      Definitely too many stopovers is very tiring, no matter what age you are. Another point is to understand the ship’s make up and timing of year. You mentioned stay away from ships that don’t cater to seniors, but also the time of year is important. For instance, spring break is full of kids on break from school. Maybe not the best combination for seniors. Cheers.

  7. Marta says:

    This is great! You are right, cruises sound that are for young people that like to party, but it’s great to know that there are other options out there, specially for seniors. I will definitely recommend your website to my parents!

  8. Rob says:

    The advice here is excellent. My wife and I are in the planning stages for our 4oth anniversary and since we’ve only been on one cruise 16 years ago, we are taking the information here to help book the cruise. Thumbs up!

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Rob,
      Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! That is really something special. 16 years on a last cruise is a long time ago, many new ships now. I hope you guys have a great time, cheers!!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hello! I think many people are overwhelmed when planning a cruise, wanting to make sure they will have a good time. Having this checklist provides more peace of mind, as the whole point is fun and relaxation, not unfulfilled expectations. Thank you!

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, you need to do a little homework before booking a cruise. A cruise is something that most people don’t get a chance to do often so it has to be special. Cheers.

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