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Portable wheelchair ramps, which one is right for you?  There are a few things to consider. First it’s important to know if any maintenance will be a factor. The cost of the ramp, the durability of the ramp, and lastly the ability to adjust the ramp if needed. All of these factors are equally important when deciding which ramp is best for your home.

Some of the advantages of aluminum portable wheelchair ramps are that they are environmental safe and 100 percent recyclable.  They are very easy to install and portable.  Some portable wheelchair ramps come in 2 or 3 pieces and you can fold them like a suitcase, with lengths of 2 to 10 feet.  Basically you just pick them up and place them where you want or need.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Versatile: portable wheelchair ramps can pretty much be set up anyway you want or need.  That’s because they are very easy to install.  In addition, some can be set up differently and move to another home’s entrance.
  • Strength: They are very strong and durable, when compared to wood.  Aluminum is the metal of choice for most portable wheelchair ramps, which is very strong, and have great weight to strength ratio.
  • Ease of installation: Pretty much install them anywhere you want, and they are portable.
  • Variety: There are tons of different wheelchair ramps to chose from.  From different styles to specifications, you can even match the color of your house.  That because you can paint the metal of wheelchairs ramps to the color of your choice.

In conclusion, choosing your perfect ramp comes down to your budget and your needs.  This product will offer an increase in access for people who need wheelchairs.  Individuals will not only gain access in their own homes, but also gain access in other homes and businesses.  We at Elderly Safety Products, carry a full range of different portable wheelchair ramps with varying specification and cost.

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2 thoughts on “Ramps

  1. Tove Løken says:

    Hi, I have parents that are starting to get old and especially my mother who suffered a stroke many years ago is struggling to walk and need a wheelchair now and then.
    This aluminum portable wheelchair sounds like a good choice when the day comes she needs to bring one with her to get around.

    One question: Is it heavy to lift and carry?

    Thanks for sharing.

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