portable wheelchair ramp, how to comply with ADA requirements

portable wheelchair ramp

Portable wheelchair ramp, How to Comply With ADA Requirements for Ramps

Are you planning to construct a new home for your family or an establishment that is wheelchair friendly? Whichever your reason is, it is best that you are completely aware of the ADA requirements for ramps.  Especially if  you are not into using a portable wheelchair ramp around your establishment. Ensuring that you can actually comply with the requirements makes your structure safer and more accessible for wheelchair users. This will help make your place more accessible not only in a certain area but in other areas as well.

So, how can you actually comply with the ADA requirements for ramps? Firstly, you must learn the standards in constructing the ramps.

Some of the requirements that you must keep in mind are:

  • Standards require that each ramp has a 1:12 ramp to slope ratio.  This equals to 4.8 degrees slope or a foot of ramp for every inch of rise. For example, 30 inches rise should have a 30 feet wheelchair ramp.
  • A ramps must have at least 5’x5’ flat and unobstructed area at the ramps bottom and top.
  • The minimum width of the ramp should be 36 inches.

    Other places such as California and Massachusetts require 48 inches to comply with the standards. Therefore, please check the requirements on your location.

  • The minimum turn platform size requirements for a ramp is 5’x5’ in the direction of travel while 6 feet is required in California.
  • The run should allow a 30 feet distance before a turn platform or rest.
  • With the handrails, the ramp should have around 34” to 38” high. This is required on both sides of the ramp.

Make sure that you can comply with these requirements to avoid having issues regarding your ADA compliance. Consider listing down the required measurements before building the ramp.  This will avoid having issues when it comes to the accessibility of the ramps. Also, this will allows users to maneuver through ramps comfortably without putting their safety at risk.

When to Use Portable Wheelchair Ramp

There are times when establishment owners would prefer the use of portable wheelchair ramp.  Since it may allow them to comply with the ADA requirements effortlessly. What they have to do is to install the ramps in the right areas.  In addition, or install them in the areas that will provide maximum convenience to users whenever possible.

If you are a property owners and deciding whether you should build a ramp or choose a portable wheelchair ramp.  You should always check the requirements and check whether you can comply with it or not. Always try getting the requirements ready first to make sure that you can comply with it.  This will guarantee the safety of your wheelchair users.

If you are searching for a portable wheelchair ramp for your establishment, please consider the end user.  There are many available products to chose from.  Many quality products will surely  meet your needs.  Especially when ensuring the safety of elderly and other physically challenged individuals accessing your property.


9 thoughts on “portable wheelchair ramp, how to comply with ADA requirements

  1. elderlysafetyproducts says:

    Please share your thoughts with us and leave a comment. I would like to add that ADA requirements are intended for commercial areas. In that I mean place of business, such as offices and stores. So if you are to build a ramp for a business, then you must follow the ADA requirements. Your home will not be subject to any requirements.

  2. Craig says:

    Hi, this is good information. Who would’ve thought that different States had different requirements? I like the idea of portable ramps, obviously a permanent ramp would require more planning. Where is the best place to buy the portable ramps?

  3. Damian says:

    I live in Massachusetts and this information will help me out a lot. A family member of mines own a few houses and is in the process of constructing another, I will be sharing this post with him, and use it for myself somewhere down the line.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Damian,
      Please keep in mind that ADA compliance is necessary only for business and public spaces. When constructing a ramp for your own private property, the ADA measurements are not mandatory. However are always good practice, especially if you have the space. Another option is portable ramps, please check out our portable wheelchair ramps page for more information.

  4. Elisha Roden says:

    Hey good article! Very good idea to list the requirements, that could possibly be hard for some people to find. I’ve seen wheelchair ramps at houses and wondered how permanent they could be and the planning involved, but I never knew there were portable ones! Good information here!

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Elisha,
      Thanks for the positive comments. Wheelchair ramps can be constructed of wood, which you do see some homes have. However, the metal ramps can be disassemble and reassemble based on your needs.

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