Patient lifts

patient lifts for home use

Patient lifts for home use

Patient lifts for home use are devices that help a caregiver transfer a patient with limited mobility.  This is usually from a bed to a chair and back. Patient lifts operation are either by hydraulic-manual pumping or by an electric motor. Sling lifts can be use for patients whose mobility is an issue. They could be mobile (or floor) lifts or overhead lifts (suspended from ceiling or tracks).

The sling lift has several advantages. First, It allows you the ability to move heavy patients, while decreasing stress on caregivers.  In addition, this will reduced the number of additional people required to move patients. Second, It also reduces the chance of injuries when lifting patients.

Hoyer patient lift

A Hoyer lift, another kind of sling lift, is also sometimes call a ceiling lift. This is usually installed on the ceiling of a room in order to save space. Mistakes using patient lifts for home use may result in serious injury.  Furthermore, some injuries have been the result of improper use or malfunction of Hoyer lifts have led to civil lawsuits.

When looking for patient lifts for home use, which one is right for you? This really depends on the care-giving situation. Stand assist lifts lack the versatility of patient lifts.  This is because they are designed to transfer patients who are already in sitting positions.  As a result, cannot lift patients from the floor.  Stand assist lifts are more for rehabilitation, while patient lifts are an important and necessary daily tool for patients who cannot bear weight.

A patient may start with a patient lift, and then as they get stronger, move on to stand assist lift. If you’re unsure of which lift type is right for your patient and their goals, please consult with their doctor for more advice.  We have many patient lifts for home use here at Elderly Safety Products.

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    I’m so glad I found your site! I have been looking into some equipment to help my grandmother out because she’s starting to have trouble doing daily things. This post was very helpful. Thanks!

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      Hi Rebecca,

      We are here to help! Please click on each product page and it will have descriptions of the product, such as this one(Patient Lifts). The pages will explain the benefits of each product, and provide a brief summary. In addition, please read our senior safety blog, where we’ll discuss interesting topics affecting seniors today. Please click here to see our blog:

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