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lift chairs for the elderly


Lift chairs for the elderly are available here! If getting up and down from your favorite chair is no longer easy, you need a lift chair! Lift chairs for the elderly are relatively inexpensive given the benefits they can provide.  With so many different options out there.  Where do you start when looking for the right chair? Here are some tips.

The number of positions should be considered.  For example, some chairs have 2 positions, while some have 3 and some have unlimited positions.  2 positions models only allow for 45 degrees recline, while 3 positions allow for full recline.  This obviously depends on your preference and your budget.  Another strong factor is your body size.  Just like any other recliner, you need the right size chair for your body.

Next is the cover option, do you sweat a lot?  If you do, then maybe leather is better than fabric for you.  Lastly, other factors to make are the superior features some chairs offer.  For example, some higher end models have heated seats, different lift speed, cup holders and etc.


Here are some benefits that lift chairs for the elderly can provide.  They include greater independence, more comfort, less risk of injury, and ability to stay at home.  The number one reason to have lift chair to reduce injuries.  Did you know that according to recent study, about 54% of caregivers got injured just by assisting seniors getting on and off chairs.  Apparently, helping an elder transition from a sitting or even lying position is very strenuous.  As a result, this can be a very dangerous situation for the both the caregiver and patient.

Another benefit is that the lift chair is actually very spacious and comfortable.  In addition, this chair will reduce stress for the whole family, knowing their loved one is more safe at home.  Which will allow seniors to stay in the comfort of their homes longer, as suppose to nursing homes. We have many selection of lift chairs for the elderly here at Elderly Safety Products.

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2 thoughts on “Lift Chairs

  1. Ben says:

    These chairs would be very helpful for some of my elderly relatives. Do they come with foot stools too? They would like that. Even if not, though, they can always use their own stool — the chair looks very comfortable by itself.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Ben,

      These chairs are one unit and do not come with foot stools, but you do not need one. The chairs recline and your feet will be off the ground. Also, the purpose of a lift chair, is to “lift” you off the chair and meet up when you want to sit down.

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