electric wheelchairs

electric power wheelchairs

Electric Power Wheelchairs

Electric power wheelchairs are controlled by an electric motor. The movement control is usually a small joystick on the armrest, instead of using your own manual power. For some people, who cannot manage a joystick, there are other options.  This may include head-switches, chin-operated joysticks, and sip-and-puff.

Other specialist controls will also allow the wheelchair to be independently sufficient.  Electric power wheelchairs are very popular for seniors and individuals with limitations. However, just like any other wheelchair style or brand, electric power wheelchairs have advantages and disadvantages.


Electric power wheelchairs have several advantages over self powered chairs.  In addition, they also reduce some health issues. However, the reduction in arm exercise will be an issue.  This will need to be balanced by increasing other exercises. Overall, general health can be a major beneficiary.  This is the case, because most seniors will lose arm power as they get older.

Some electric wheelchairs, allow movements that are conducive and supportive of good health. Having the chair allows you to move to a standing position, and the reverse, to a horizontal position.  For example, in a reclining chair.  This can be an advantage for doing everyday tasks and routines.

Improved breathing can be a positive effect because of to the position of the body.  In addition, reducing significant pressure sores will improve overall health.  Furthermore, this may help in both bowel and bladder functions. In addition, your blood flow and heart’s function may see improvements from this type of chair. So despite some health issues, the right wheelchair can have a positive impact on your quality of life.  This should be the goal for any wheelchair user.


Although electric power wheelchairs do have some disadvantages, such as cost and portability.  This can be rectify with extra money or additional features. Usually electric power wheelchairs can not fold up or come apart. Most people who need to travel may not have a large vehicle that can store their electric wheelchair. Therefore they would need to make other plans. In addition, you may need to buy an additional manual wheelchair just for trips. Another option is to spend more money on a electric wheelchair that folds up or disassemble fairly easy.

Elderly Safety Products carry a full line of electric wheelchairs, even the fold-able ones. We have a full range of brands and specifications. Please feel confident that the products are top quality and backed by the manufacturer.  In addition, most of these products will ship free in United States.

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  1. Ruben says:

    Hey there, very interesting article about the Electric Power Wheelchairs. My grandfather was in need of something like this a few months ago, the whole process of moving around on a normal wheelchair was painful, and I can see how this kind of wheelchair would have made his life easier.

    Thank you for your detailed post about the cons and pros of this wheel chair, is good to know everything before doing a purchase.


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