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Elderly Bathroom Safety Products

Elderly Bathroom Safety Products are available here.  Did you know that the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house? Yes, that is true because most falls and accidents take place in our bathrooms.  Therefore, we must make the bathroom as safe as possible especially for seniors and people with physical disabilities. With a little effort and using a few bathroom tips, you can make your bathroom safe again.

Here at Elderly Safety Products, we offer a full range of elderly bathroom safety products.  Our goal is to improve the safety of your bathroom.  Please have a look at our selection of grab bars, toilet bars, raised seats and much more.

elderly bathroom safety products


Adhesive Mats – You can place this in the shower or bathtub, and this will make the surface less slippery.  The benefit will be less falls and injuries.

Support Bars – Also known as grab bars, this will provide support for seniors to hold on to.  They can be place vertically or horizontally near shower or bath tub.

Raised Toilet seats – Standard toilet seats may be too low for seniors.  Especially if they have trouble bending down and getting back up.  This will help, especially combined with grab bars.

Shower chairs – Also another important product to have in the shower.  This will allow seniors to sit and enjoy a shower more easily.

Transfer Bench – This is crucial when you are dealing with individuals in a wheelchair.  Since most bathtubs are not designed for wheelchair access.  The transfer bench seat extend outside of the tub, and will provide easier access to bathing.

In addition, there are many more elderly bathroom safety products.  With people staying a lot longer in their homes, it is everyone’s responsibility to consider bathroom safety.  We must make the bathroom safe for the elderly.

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6 thoughts on “Bathroom Safety

  1. Axton says:

    I totally agree that some basic bathroom safety products have to be installed in families with elderly people. Anti-slip mat and support bar are the most basic ones, another one that I think is crucial as well is the panic/help button.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Axton,
      I like your idea about a panic/help button. That is very important, especially if the senior lives alone. Please check out the other bathroom safety products by clicking on link, thanks.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Having just turned 30 I never really thought about these products before. However, I just recently had my ACL repaired and found myself with a chair in the shower as I cannot put any weight on it. I also appreciate bathrooms with grab bars more than ever. I think these are good not just for the elderly but for people with disabilities in general.

    • elderlysafetyproducts says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      Good point, these bathroom safety product can benefit everyone, not just seniors. Especially people with disabilities or difficulties moving. Good luck with your recovery!

  3. Andrew says:

    Thank you for this great site! Elderly people, but not only they, with physical disability need a lot of products you sell here. It is easy to find here you are looking for and the website is very professional.
    Thank you very much

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