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bath lifts for the elderly

Bath Lifts For The Elderly

Bath lifts for the elderly allow people with limited mobility the chance to enjoy the therapeutic effects of a hot bath.  This while maintaining their freedom in the bathroom. We offer a variety of different bath lift chairs.  This will allow anyone with physical limitations to enjoy a bath in an easy, comfortable, and safe manner.

The benefits of using a bath lift includes safety, comfort , independence, and convenience.  There is usually a safety switch that prevents the lift from lowering if the battery is low.  Most seats are able to swivel and some have padding.  In addition, the lift can be operated independently and can be easily transported.

There are a lot of different selection of bath lifts on the market today.  However, all these choices it can be very overwhelming. Which bath lift chair is right for you? At Elderly Safety Products, we want you to be as informed as possible.  We’ve listed the most important factors to consider when choosing the bath lift seat that’s best for you:

Tub size – Before purchasing bath lifts for the elderly, always make sure you know the measurements of the length, width and height of the bath tub.  This will ensure that the lift will fit properly in the bath.  Most bath lifts will be able to fit in a standard size tub (29″ x 48″), but extensions are also available.  As a result, some bath lifts can accommodate whirlpool style tubs and other deeper baths.

We provide specific dimensions for each of the bath lifts that we offer.  This will help to ensure that the bath lift chair will fit your bathtub properly.  We have many bath lifts for the elderly for you to choose from.

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