top 10 retirement places

top 10 retirement places

Top 10 Retirement Places

The top 10 retirement places take account of cities that have beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. They are not big metropolis cities, yet are in easy driving distance of all that huge cities have to offer. As a baby boomer you are an innovator, active as well as entrepreneur. And you don’t consider retirement a place to sit back and see the grass grow. Below are the top 10 retirement places to retire for active baby boomers.  This is where you can live in charming surroundings and have lots of opportunities to be outdoors. There are lots of choices for those who are retiring, but looking for the best place is not always easy. Here are the things to consider if looking at retirement places:

  • Consider your lifestyle
  • Compare locations and communities
  • Confirm with a visit and decide
  1. Deland, Florida

This is only minutes away from stunning beaches and is close to many types of historic culture and architecture. With perfect weather all year round and nearness to the ocean, this metropolis of 25,000 lends itself to many opportunities for water sports and lots of outdoor activities. Deland provides a great possibility in retirement to lead an active lifestyle.

  1. Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard is dubbed as the Land of Waterfalls because of more than 200 waterfalls which flow from the striking mountain streams. This place also boasts a serene climate, low crime rate as well as moderate housing expenses. This amiable city in the Blue Ridge Mountains is placed to 7,000 inhabitants just a minute drive away to Asheville Regional Airport.

  1. Peoria, Arizona

Peoria is a community of Phoenix, an eminent retirement destination of about 143,000 residents. With warm weather all through the year, this typical town boasts many outdoor activities which include hiking, camping, fishing as well as golf. The view is wonderful, given the closeness of one of the most amazing wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon.

  1. Marco Island

The biggest chain of Islands off the shoreline of Southwest Florida, this island is an extremely popular place to retire with its mild temperatures, outdoor activities as well as nearby nature preserves. Marco Island is place to a casual, easy-paced lifestyle and abundance of opportunities for water activities.


  1. Central Coast of California

This place offers out of these world views of the sea and sunsets which are intended to be enjoyed. It is also close to fine wineries, dining as well as shopping, and a tranquil beach atmosphere.

  1. Georgetown, South Carolina

This coastal township with a small population is idyllically lodged between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. This place is near major airports as well as shopping, and it has incredible golf opportunities. Georgetown offers a supreme coastal lifestyle with its exceptional historic area as well as recreational amenities.

  1. Largo, FL

Since it has a small population and consistently relaxing weather, Largo is one of the top 10 retirement places to retire. With miles of smooth, white sandy beaches and its closeness to St. Pete and Tampa, you are never far from large city amenities. This is a place for a huge opportunity in retirement to take pleasure in the outdoors all year round.

  1. Green Valley, Arizona

Boasting a small populace, this place provides higher education with an emphasis on recreation and a small crime rate. It is a golf-lovers heaven as well as place to many painting as well as sculpting studios.

  1. Savannah, GA

This city is rich in elegant architecture as well as natural beauty. Due to its old-world charm and abundance of walking trails, Savannah is a metropolis to enjoy making you feel as if you’re living in another era.

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Finally, with its clear climate and Sandia Mountains in the backdrop, this place is home to artists and writers who are drawn to the loveliness of its landscape. This place is also home to Intel and Kirtland Air Force Base that offers stability for the local economy.

Please keep in mind that this top 10 retirement places are all in the United States and very subjective.  Cost of living and warm weather are strong factors for seniors, when it comes to retirement.  With that said, there are also many great retirement options overseas.  What are your top 10 retirement places, please comment below, cheers.

Best retirement saving plans

best retirement saving plans

Best retirement saving plans

Best retirement saving plans, At some point in time, we all need to retire.  However, most of us are concern about our life and financial stability after retirement.  Therefore, we must seriously plan things out, especially our finances. Financial retirement planning is extremely important and the very first step we need to take.  In order to ensure that the lifestyle we’re dreaming of at retirement will become a reality.

Regardless of your age, it is never a wrong time to think about financial planning for retirement.  Let’s get started with the best retirement saving plans. The earlier you begin saving the better your lifestyle will be after retirement.  With more years to invest, you will also have the chance to improve your finances along the way. The longer years your money can grow, the better chance you will have of securing your future.

The Best Retirement Saving Plans to Consider

The very first consideration for your savings plan is where your money will actually go and how long. As a standard strategy, you need to invest in different term investments.  For example, some short, medium, and longer term investments.  Investing in either stocks, mutual funds or bonds.  These investments are commonly determined by the individual’s’ time horizon. You definitely do not want to find out that you don’t have enough money to cover your retirement needs. You better educate yourself now on how to invest and save the right way.

The following are the best retirement saving plans to consider:

  • Traditional IRA

As of this writing, you can contribute about $5,500 per year to a traditional IRA and $6,500 if you are over 50. Money is said to grow tax-deferred, and not tax until withdrawal.  The hope is that your savings will grow bigger due to no taxes.  In addition, your tax rate will be lower at retirement.  Another benefit is that you will get a deduction from your taxes.  However, if your job has a retirement plan, you may not be able to deduct your contributions from your taxable income.  This is the case, if you’re earning $71,000 per year for a single person and $118,000 for a married couple. In case you don’t have access to a retirement plan at work, then you get full credit for the deduction.  Unless you file jointly with your spouse who has a retirement plan at work.

  • Roth IRA

A Roth IRA is an individual retirement account that is funded with after-taxed dollars. You can actually enjoy all the benefits of the tax free growth and withdrawals. In other words, you don’t get any tax credit deductions, but you’ll never pay any taxes on your savings.  Therefore, your investments can grow larger and not be subject to taxes even when you withdraw.  This is one of the best retirement savings plan around.  A great way for individuals to achieve financial stability after retirement. Roth IRA is also ideal for younger retirement savers regardless if they got access to sponsored plans.

A Roth IRA is an option that most people can consider. The contribution limits and eligibility depend on a person’s status of tax filing and adjusted modified gross income. As of this writing, the limits are the same as the traditional IRA.  That is $5500 per year, and $6500 if you are over 50 years old.

There may be different retirement saving plans available today.  However, the IRA is still one of the best retirement saving plans to help secure your future.  The key is to start saving as early as you can, and take advantage of any available retirement plans at work.

senior citizen cruise deals

senior citizen cruise deals

Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

One of the best perks of being a senior is the luxury and excitement of traveling. Even if seniors have yet to retire, it’s always nice to plan for an exciting cruise. Nevertheless, with the broad selections of senior citizen cruise deals available today, it can be tough to decide.  Also, choosing the best cruise deals for seniors can become confusing and challenging. You definitely do not want to book a cruise which will not meet your expectations.

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

Cruises commonly come in different types, duration, activities on board the ship and land and destinations. If you want to pick the best senior citizen cruise deals that’s right for you, there are things to consider.

Before you start your search of finding the best deals and cruise packages, consider the following:

  • The number of days you intend to cruise or travel
  • Who is traveling with you (solo traveler, traveling with a group, family or a partner)
  • Things that you look forward to from the travel cruise
  • Mobility issues or any health condition you have requiring special attention and assistance
  • Available budget for the said cruise
  • Types of cruise you prefer ( sailing ships, river cruise, luxury cruise and more)

When looking for the best senior citizen cruise deals, you will find different ships to choose from.  These ships will provide different services, amenities and facilities. There are some cruise lines that do not really cater towards seniors, but still may provide the best experience. For example, they may have the best amenities and facilities to ensure ultimate convenience.  Therefore, the best deals will allow you to have access to finer things.  For example, many ships have pools, entertainment rooms, dine in spots and more. Of course getting the best senior citizens cruise deals will  add to the enjoyment of the experience.

Helpful Cruising Tips for Seniors

It is not a secret that cruising is very appealing to many seniors. In contrary to most individuals’ belief that cruising are just for couples and young travelers.  Seniors are now showing more interest on traveling solo or with family and friends.  Seniors are also mostly on the lookout for the best senior citizen cruise deals.

This pursuit is never that easy but the following are helpful cruising tips for seniors:

  • Find the Right Ships that Perfectly Fits You

The size of the cruise ship can be an ultimate indicator on what the atmosphere would be like. The ship you will choose should not neglect your needs, considering your age. It should carry complete amenities, facilities and should provide personalized service.

  • Plan your Itinerary Wisely

Planning your itinerary is important since this can set the tone of your entire cruise. If you have well-planned itinerary, you are more likely to achieve a great cruising experience.

  • Seek Out for Discounts on Senior Citizen Cruise Deals

When you are booking on your own or through a travel agent.  You must always remember to ask if there are discounted deals or offers with guaranteed senior discounts.

These are just few of the many cruising tips that seniors should keep in mind.  In order to ensure an amazing cruising experience, you have to do a little research.



senior citizen jobs

senior citizen jobs

Senior Citizen jobs, jobs that Senior Citizens Can Do

Many seniors look forward to their retirement once they reach the age of 60 and above.  However, others choose to remain in their workplace or search for other senior citizen jobs. Studies show that a high percentage of seniors still have the desire to work.  Whether for non-financial or financial reasons. There is no argument that there are many different jobs that senior citizens can do.  In addition, these jobs are locate in various fields and industries.  Where seniors provide both valuable experience and skills to clients and companies that they work for. Senior citizen jobs are indeed continuously growing.

Jobs that Most Senior Citizens Do

There are many reasons why elders continue to look for senior citizen jobs even after retirement. Aside from the desire to continue to earn money.  Working in old age is believed to make them stay mentally and physically healthy. Some seniors would prefer to have jobs in fields with less stress, more flexibility, and fewer work hours.  However, still with a reasonable rate and more.

The following are the common senior citizen jobs that many seniors do:

  • Consultant

Many seniors are visible working in the consulting industry. In most cases, seniors with specialized experience and advance degree can greatly consider a career in the field of consulting. Consultants can leverage their many years of training and connections to set hours to have a flexible schedule.

Taking for instance, seniors with knowledge and experience in finance, programming, website development and litigation are very valuable. Companies can even afford to pay high fees on consultants because they do not usually pay for their benefits. So, among the long list of senior citizen jobs available today.  Working as a consultant is one of the best jobs for seniors.

  • Retail Business

Seniors can also consider opening their retail business and become retailers. They may have collections like antiques and other vintage items. Perhaps they have something unique to offer, they can easily get started. If you are planning to become a retailer, you need to look into your Local Chamber of Commerce for some resources. You can start a site and advertise your products or services. Make sure to use social media when promoting your business.

  • Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs are also part of the long list of senior citizen jobs that are available today. These jobs provide seniors the opportunity for them to alternate works with great leisure. However, temporary jobs for senior vary and may include general labor or office jobs.  For example, customer service, data processing and bookkeeping.

The good thing about temporary jobs is that you can stop when you need some break or pass on a job and wait for the next senior citizen job that comes along. Several temporary jobs do no really require specific sets of skills, advanced degree or work experience.

Senior citizen jobs can be found mostly online. There are many online platforms or directories that can help individuals find the best senior citizen job suited for them. Internet makes it easier to look for a job and start another new career which makes senior more productive despite their age.

Benefits of using a patient lift

Patient positioning, Benefits of Using a Patient Lift

When it comes to patient positioning, a caregiver would usually exert a lot of force or power.  This is to transfer the patient from the bed to a chair or vice versa. At times, the job of a caregiver can even be more difficult.  Especially when the patient or the elderly that they are attending to is twice as heavy as they are. However, the job of caregivers can be easier when they use a patient lift. Aside from patients who are already immobile, this is also a device used for elderly patients who can no longer support their own weight.

A patient lift is not only suitable for nursing homes, but can also be used at home when patients choose to recover in the comforts of their home. It is also the same with families who are letting their elderly loved ones stay in their homes.  This is instead of leaving them in any healthcare facilities.

There are more and more health facilities using patient lift mainly because of the benefits it can offer both to the patients and caregivers.

patient positioning


Some of the main benefits that this device can offer are the following:

  • It provides safety to patients.

The main benefit of lifts is ensuring that patients are safe whenever they try move. Especially from their beds to a chair or vice versa. It can also benefit patients who are trying to do certain activities on their own.  For example, like going to the bathroom to take a shower, pee, or do their bowel movement. This will also help the staff of a healthcare facility in making sure that they can handle patients especially the elderly with a lot of care.

  • It decreases the number of staff required for moving one patient.

When moving a patient, regardless of the weight, it requires one or two caregivers, staff or family members in order to be safe. Patient positioning requires more people especially when the patient in need is totally immobile.  This is because the staff will have to deal with all the weight. However, with a lift, moving a patient may require one staff only without putting too much effort.

  • There are ceiling lifts that saves space while providing maximum support to the user.

A patient lift can be installed permanently to the ceiling.  This is most advantageous for those lacking a space for storing the device when not in use. However, the installation of this lift must be correct and secure to avoid added or serious injuries to the user when using it on their own.

Patient Positioning

With all of these benefits in mind, you will understand why there are a lot of healthcare facilities that are encouraging the use of lifts for their patients. This makes it easier for caregivers to attend to the other needs of other patients.  In addition,  while assuring the safety of patients.

If you are searching for lifts, it is necessary that you look for a provider of quality units. This way, you are confident that the ones you are using will not cause any injuries or issues to the patient.

Walk in tub with shower, Benefits of

walk in tub with shower

Walk in Tub with Shower, Benefits of

Everyone enjoys a warm and relaxing shower. However, traditional bathtubs are dangerous for seniors and those with mobility problems. Accidents may happen when entering and exiting the tub. You don’t want your loved one to sustain any injuries.  Especially, when all he wants is to take a relaxing shower and be independent inside the bathroom. Fortunately, you can install a walk in tub with shower.  This will let your loved one take a shower without putting his safety at risk.

 A walk in tub with shower comes in handy when you have a senior or individual with limited mobility in your home. Most tubs are designed in a way that is risky and difficult for one to get in. A walk in tub with shower, on the other hand, is different.  Its design offers safer access and features that prevent slips and falls. For seniors and people with mobility problems, their bathing experience will be easier once a walk in tub with shower is available in their home.

Aside from this, a walk in tub with shower can provide additional benefits such as hydrotherapy and massage. There are tubs that feature a powerful system of jets that message the skin. The water system’s design can target certain muscle groups such as the hips, feet and lower back. Since the buoyancy of water is lessened to a great extent, the pressure on the joints is reduced as well. This is a great option for those who are suffering from joint problems and arthritis.

Why Get a Walk in Tub with Shower?

 If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, why don’t you consider installing a walk in tub with shower? Most walk in tubs with shower feature special jets that allow water to flow on the skin in a way that improves the circulation of blood. When the body has enough supply of oxygen, its metabolic function is increased and toxins are flushed out.

Walk in tubs with shower have handrails, textured pads and seats that help the person keep his head above water. Since there is no shower door, you don’t need to worry about the older people in your home suffering any injury.

Another advantage of installing a walk in tub with shower is the fact that it will boost the value of your property. If you want to sell your home, the walk in tub with shower can be a good selling joint. Not all homes have a walk in tub with shower.  Therefore this will give you an advantage when selling your property.

A long hot bath is definitely one of the best ways to relax in your home. Aside from cleaning your body, a hot bath can also soothe muscle pains. However, as you grow older, entering and exiting the tub becomes difficult and dangerous. Installing a walk in tub with shower can make bathing more comfortable and safe for you and for those with mobility problems in your home.

portable wheelchair ramp, how to comply with ADA requirements

portable wheelchair ramp

Portable wheelchair ramp, How to Comply With ADA Requirements for Ramps

Are you planning to construct a new home for your family or an establishment that is wheelchair friendly? Whichever your reason is, it is best that you are completely aware of the ADA requirements for ramps.  Especially if  you are not into using a portable wheelchair ramp around your establishment. Ensuring that you can actually comply with the requirements makes your structure safer and more accessible for wheelchair users. This will help make your place more accessible not only in a certain area but in other areas as well.

So, how can you actually comply with the ADA requirements for ramps? Firstly, you must learn the standards in constructing the ramps.

Some of the requirements that you must keep in mind are:

  • Standards require that each ramp has a 1:12 ramp to slope ratio.  This equals to 4.8 degrees slope or a foot of ramp for every inch of rise. For example, 30 inches rise should have a 30 feet wheelchair ramp.
  • A ramps must have at least 5’x5’ flat and unobstructed area at the ramps bottom and top.
  • The minimum width of the ramp should be 36 inches. Other places such as California and Massachusetts require 48 inches to comply with the standards. Therefore, please check the requirements on your location.
  • The minimum turn platform size requirements for a ramp is 5’x5’ in the direction of travel while 6 feet is required in California.
  • The run should allow a 30 feet distance before a turn platform or rest.
  • With the handrails, the ramp should have around 34” to 38” high. This is required on both sides of the ramp.

Make sure that you can comply with these requirements to avoid having issues regarding your ADA compliance. Consider listing down the required measurements before building the ramp.  This will avoid having issues when it comes to the accessibility of the ramps. Also, this will allows users to maneuver through ramps comfortably without putting their safety at risk.

When to Use Portable Wheelchair Ramp

There are times when establishment owners would prefer the use of portable wheelchair ramp.  Since it may allow them to comply with the ADA requirements effortlessly. What they have to do is to install the ramps in the right areas.  In addition, or install them in the areas that will provide maximum convenience to users whenever possible.

If you are a property owners and deciding whether you should build a ramp or choose a portable wheelchair ramp.  You should always check the requirements and check whether you can comply with it or not. Always try getting the requirements ready first to make sure that you can comply with it.  This will guarantee the safety of your wheelchair users.

If you are searching for a portable wheelchair ramp for your establishment, please consider the end user.  There are many available products to chose from.  Many quality products will surely  meet your needs.  Especially when ensuring the safety of elderly and other physically challenged individuals accessing your property.

Seniors staying at home, benefits of

seniors staying at home

Seniors Staying at Home, compared to a Nursing Home

Seniors staying at home have benefits.  As the saying goes “There is no place like home”. There are lots of issues for older people and you might also share the often wish that you want to stay right in your home. It is good to know that with the right help you can.  You may be able to stay at your home longer.

Most seniors would definitely prefer staying at their own home. They are more familiar with the surroundings and are more comfortable at home. For example, they have religious community and friends.  Hence, this is in the first place are the main sources for happiness.

Here are some of the great benefits that staying at home provides.

Seniors Staying at Home Promotes Fast Recovery

No matter how long the duration is, hospital can be traumatizing. Sheer experience of the rapid-fire medical procedure can absolutely leave older people in a compromised state. If you are concern for the senior’s safety, then letting your older family member stay at home is a wise move. Being familiar with the environment allows older people to receive the needed support in healing their mind and body.

Seniors Staying at Home Saves Great Amount of Money

Moving the older people to a nursing home might sound like a traditional solution. On the other hand, the institutional care homes mainly come with hefty price tag. If you do not have enough amount of money of just want to save, then staying at home is a wise choice, plus it can also provide senior happiness since your older loved one is comfortable and secure.

Seniors Staying At Home Means Honoring One’s Independence and Dignity

Did you know that most seniors fear moving into nursing homes and losing their own dignity and independence more than they fear death? It is no surprise that staying at home allows older people to have maximal freedom as well as control as they age. Throughout their life, home is their sanctity, castle, and it does not change as they age.

Home Care Services are Highly Personalized

You are surely after senior safety of the older members of the family. The home care primarily recognizes how important specialized care is when it comes to maintaining over health. It offers individualized services depending on the needs of seniors. Since it is personalized, it is much more effective and efficient.  Therefore, thus cuts down on the expensive travel as well as administrative costs of seeing different health providers.

Seniors Staying At Home Keeps Family Members Together

Family bond takes the center stage most especially in times of sickness. Families are very important source of emotional, mental, and technical support for the aging family member. Knowing that your loved one is in a therapeutic, safe environment of his or her choice will give you peace of mind. This definitely will help in reducing the feeling of guilt that family members may feel. Older people who choose staying at home have the great advantage of the unrestricted visiting hours. The family members can visit any time they want.  In addition, they won’t have the concerns about stepping on other person’s toes or intruding. All these are more will surely provide senior happiness at the end of the day.

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The Benefits of seniors’ Companion

senior companion

The Benefits of having senior Companion

Senior companion, why is it important? Everyone needs care, attention, and love from their family members especially seniors. However, there are many old people who do live alone.  Especially when their children already have their own families. Even though all of their children are already independent, they should give enough time to spend with their parents so that their loneliness will be eliminated. They will also feel valued, which in turn can make them very optimistic with their lives.

When seniors do not get proper attention and care, their senior health will be at risk and they can acquire a lot of diseases.  For example, such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, higher stress levels, decreased learning and memory, antisocial behavior, poor decision-making, Alzheimer’s disease, and a lot more. So, they should have a senior companion who will stay with them at all times. If you already have an elderly parents and grandparents, you can act as a senior companion to them so that they will not feel lonely. Having a senior companion, there are various benefits that you have to understand:

Benefits of senior companion

  • They will not feel lonely.

    The very first benefit of having a senior companion is that they will not feel solitary because they have someone to talk to. Living in a house with a person to rely on, they will feel important. They can share their problems that can make them more optimistic to face their day to day living. In other words, seniors will not feel depressed when they have a companion.

  • Eliminate their risk of acquiring diseases

    When people are in isolation from their family, they will be problematic, which may will lead to acquiring diseases that you cannot afford to happen as a child or a grandchild. Nevertheless, when you give sufficient time to spend with them, their seniors’ health will be better. When you act as a senior companion and you notice that they are very moody, you have to be patient enough. You have to understand them to avoid complicated problems in the near future.

  • They can handle problems

    Having a senior companion, they can become positive at all times that can make them prepared and capable to handle all their problems. When they do not have someone to talk to, they will be pessimistic that can result to feeling weak and apathetic. Being a companion, you have to be jolly to change their personality and mood. Furthermore, you will be the one to adjust in dealing with them.

  • They will be healthy

    When they have a companion, they will be more mentally healthy and physically fit. If your parents and grandparents are weak, you can help them to do simple exercise like walking. When they do it in a regular basis, they will be as healthy as possible.

Understanding all the benefits from a senior companion is very important.  As a result, you will give more time to care for your parents, grandparents, and other old individuals. You have to understand that seniors need more attention.  With more attention, they can become healthier and inspired with their lives.  For more information, please visit:

Best Products for Senior Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety

Bathroom safety, best products

Bathroom safety, Did you know that 1 in 3 persons over age sixty five fall each year at home? If falls happen, fortunately, it is not major.  Most do not result in any kind of injury with the exception of scraped knee or minor bruise. However, falling in home’s bathroom is a different story. Therefore bathroom safety is very important.  It is good to know that there are wide array of bathroom safety products you can purchase both online and offline.  As a result, safety can be ensure for older members of the family.  In addition to younger family members as well.

Here are some of the safety products that you must have/ install in your bathroom for elder’s overall safety:

Adhesive Mats

Most bathtubs and shower stalls mainly feature vinyl surfaces.  Although it is not slippery as other materials, the addition of water will make falling a possibility. Older people might have experienced near-fall accident, to which you responded through skirting around to regain the balance. Rubber-backed, adhesive mats always remain on the floor and primarily offer enough foot grips. It only means that there will be no more slipping around when older people are trying to bathe, thus ensure bathroom safety.

Support Bars

A bathroom would not be complete without the grab bars. Vertically and horizontally installed shower and tub bars are useful and provide the elderly with stable support system. Always remember not to install these bars diagonally for this will increase the risk of slipping most especially when the bar is wet.

Raised Toilet Seats

Standard toilet seats are mostly fixed too low to the ground for the elderly. However, installation of new raised seat can actually increase the seat height for up to four inches. When it is equipped with the side grab bars, elderly will never have problems in standing and sitting on their own.

Shower Chairs

This is among the many safety products your bathroom must have. For those elders who use wheelchairs and have difficult time standing for longer hours, the shower chair is a great help. This features ergonomic design for great comfort. This also has rubber-soled feet essential for preventing sliding.

Transfer Bench

If your bathroom’s tub does not feature a certain door for an easy entry or is not wheelchair-friendly, bath bench is what you should purchase. Inexpensive and simple, the seats extend outside of the tub for fall-proof and quick sessions.

Non-slip adhesive strips

These safety products can be placed on top of the sink edges in order to guard against the hand slippage.   most especially if the surfaces are utilized for balance support.

Non-slip mats

Falls occur when the elders are getting back and forth the shower or tub. Having non-slip mat right on the floor of the tub or shower and non-slip rug on the floor specially when stepping out of the shower or tub definitely helps elder feel stable. This can also reduce slipping. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to step on the towel as this can easily slide away underneath the feet.