Benefits of using a patient lift

Patient positioning, Benefits of Using a Patient Lift

When it comes to patient positioning, a caregiver would usually exert a lot of force or power.  This is to transfer the patient from the bed to a chair or vice versa. At times, the job of a caregiver can even be more difficult.  Especially when the patient or the elderly that they are attending to is twice as heavy as they are. However, the job of caregivers can be easier when they use a patient lift. Aside from patients who are already immobile, this is also a device used for elderly patients who can no longer support their own weight.

A patient lift is not only suitable for nursing homes, but can also be used at home when patients choose to recover in the comforts of their home. It is also the same with families who are letting their elderly loved ones stay in their homes.  This is instead of leaving them in any healthcare facilities.

There are more and more health facilities using patient lift mainly because of the benefits it can offer both to the patients and caregivers.

patient positioning


Some of the main benefits that this device can offer are the following:

  • It provides safety to patients.

The main benefit of lifts is ensuring that patients are safe whenever they try move. Especially from their beds to a chair or vice versa. It can also benefit patients who are trying to do certain activities on their own.  For example, like going to the bathroom to take a shower, pee, or do their bowel movement. This will also help the staff of a healthcare facility in making sure that they can handle patients especially the elderly with a lot of care.

  • It decreases the number of staff required for moving one patient.

When moving a patient, regardless of the weight, it requires one or two caregivers, staff or family members in order to be safe. Patient positioning requires more people especially when the patient in need is totally immobile.  This is because the staff will have to deal with all the weight. However, with a lift, moving a patient may require one staff only without putting too much effort.

  • There are ceiling lifts that saves space while providing maximum support to the user.

A patient lift can be installed permanently to the ceiling.  This is most advantageous for those lacking a space for storing the device when not in use. However, the installation of this lift must be correct and secure to avoid added or serious injuries to the user when using it on their own.

Patient Positioning

With all of these benefits in mind, you will understand why there are a lot of healthcare facilities that are encouraging the use of lifts for their patients. This makes it easier for caregivers to attend to the other needs of other patients.  In addition,  while assuring the safety of patients.

If you are searching for lifts, it is necessary that you look for a provider of quality units. This way, you are confident that the ones you are using will not cause any injuries or issues to the patient.