Walk in tub with shower, Benefits of

walk in tub with shower

Walk in Tub with Shower, Benefits of

Everyone enjoys a warm and relaxing shower. However, traditional bathtubs are dangerous for seniors and those with mobility problems. Accidents may happen when entering and exiting the tub. You don’t want your loved one to sustain any injuries.  Especially, when all he wants is to take a relaxing shower and be independent inside the bathroom. Fortunately, you can install a walk in tub with shower.  This will let your loved one take a shower without putting his safety at risk.

 A walk in tub with shower comes in handy when you have a senior or individual with limited mobility in your home. Most tubs are designed in a way that is risky and difficult for one to get in. A walk in tub with shower, on the other hand, is different.  Its design offers safer access and features that prevent slips and falls. For seniors and people with mobility problems, their bathing experience will be easier once a walk in tub with shower is available in their home.

Aside from this, a walk in tub with shower can provide additional benefits such as hydrotherapy and massage. There are tubs that feature a powerful system of jets that message the skin. The water system’s design can target certain muscle groups such as the hips, feet and lower back. Since the buoyancy of water is lessened to a great extent, the pressure on the joints is reduced as well. This is a great option for those who are suffering from joint problems and arthritis.

Why Get a Walk in Tub with Shower?

 If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, why don’t you consider installing a walk in tub with shower? Most walk in tubs with shower feature special jets that allow water to flow on the skin in a way that improves the circulation of blood. When the body has enough supply of oxygen, its metabolic function is increased and toxins are flushed out.

Walk in tubs with shower have handrails, textured pads and seats that help the person keep his head above water. Since there is no shower door, you don’t need to worry about the older people in your home suffering any injury.

Another advantage of installing a walk in tub with shower is the fact that it will boost the value of your property. If you want to sell your home, the walk in tub with shower can be a good selling joint. Not all homes have a walk in tub with shower.  Therefore this will give you an advantage when selling your property.

A long hot bath is definitely one of the best ways to relax in your home. Aside from cleaning your body, a hot bath can also soothe muscle pains. However, as you grow older, entering and exiting the tub becomes difficult and dangerous. Installing a walk in tub with shower can make bathing more comfortable and safe for you and for those with mobility problems in your home.

portable wheelchair ramp, how to comply with ADA requirements

portable wheelchair ramp

Portable wheelchair ramp, How to Comply With ADA Requirements for Ramps

Are you planning to construct a new home for your family or an establishment that is wheelchair friendly? Whichever your reason is, it is best that you are completely aware of the ADA requirements for ramps.  Especially if  you are not into using a portable wheelchair ramp around your establishment. Ensuring that you can actually comply with the requirements makes your structure safer and more accessible for wheelchair users. This will help make your place more accessible not only in a certain area but in other areas as well.

So, how can you actually comply with the ADA requirements for ramps? Firstly, you must learn the standards in constructing the ramps.

Some of the requirements that you must keep in mind are:

  • Standards require that each ramp has a 1:12 ramp to slope ratio.  This equals to 4.8 degrees slope or a foot of ramp for every inch of rise. For example, 30 inches rise should have a 30 feet wheelchair ramp.
  • A ramps must have at least 5’x5’ flat and unobstructed area at the ramps bottom and top.
  • The minimum width of the ramp should be 36 inches. Other places such as California and Massachusetts require 48 inches to comply with the standards. Therefore, please check the requirements on your location.
  • The minimum turn platform size requirements for a ramp is 5’x5’ in the direction of travel while 6 feet is required in California.
  • The run should allow a 30 feet distance before a turn platform or rest.
  • With the handrails, the ramp should have around 34” to 38” high. This is required on both sides of the ramp.

Make sure that you can comply with these requirements to avoid having issues regarding your ADA compliance. Consider listing down the required measurements before building the ramp.  This will avoid having issues when it comes to the accessibility of the ramps. Also, this will allows users to maneuver through ramps comfortably without putting their safety at risk.

When to Use Portable Wheelchair Ramp

There are times when establishment owners would prefer the use of portable wheelchair ramp.  Since it may allow them to comply with the ADA requirements effortlessly. What they have to do is to install the ramps in the right areas.  In addition, or install them in the areas that will provide maximum convenience to users whenever possible.

If you are a property owners and deciding whether you should build a ramp or choose a portable wheelchair ramp.  You should always check the requirements and check whether you can comply with it or not. Always try getting the requirements ready first to make sure that you can comply with it.  This will guarantee the safety of your wheelchair users.

If you are searching for a portable wheelchair ramp for your establishment, please consider the end user.  There are many available products to chose from.  Many quality products will surely  meet your needs.  Especially when ensuring the safety of elderly and other physically challenged individuals accessing your property.