Best Products for Senior Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety

Bathroom safety, best products

Bathroom safety, Did you know that 1 in 3 persons over age sixty five fall each year at home? If falls happen, fortunately, it is not major.  Most do not result in any kind of injury with the exception of scraped knee or minor bruise. However, falling in home’s bathroom is a different story. Therefore bathroom safety is very important.  It is good to know that there are wide array of bathroom safety products you can purchase both online and offline.  As a result, safety can be ensure for older members of the family.  In addition to younger family members as well.

Here are some of the safety products that you must have/ install in your bathroom for elder’s overall safety:

Adhesive Mats

Most bathtubs and shower stalls mainly feature vinyl surfaces.  Although it is not slippery as other materials, the addition of water will make falling a possibility. Older people might have experienced near-fall accident, to which you responded through skirting around to regain the balance. Rubber-backed, adhesive mats always remain on the floor and primarily offer enough foot grips. It only means that there will be no more slipping around when older people are trying to bathe, thus ensure bathroom safety.

Support Bars

A bathroom would not be complete without the grab bars. Vertically and horizontally installed shower and tub bars are useful and provide the elderly with stable support system. Always remember not to install these bars diagonally for this will increase the risk of slipping most especially when the bar is wet.

Raised Toilet Seats

Standard toilet seats are mostly fixed too low to the ground for the elderly. However, installation of new raised seat can actually increase the seat height for up to four inches. When it is equipped with the side grab bars, elderly will never have problems in standing and sitting on their own.

Shower Chairs

This is among the many safety products your bathroom must have. For those elders who use wheelchairs and have difficult time standing for longer hours, the shower chair is a great help. This features ergonomic design for great comfort. This also has rubber-soled feet essential for preventing sliding.

Transfer Bench

If your bathroom’s tub does not feature a certain door for an easy entry or is not wheelchair-friendly, bath bench is what you should purchase. Inexpensive and simple, the seats extend outside of the tub for fall-proof and quick sessions.

Non-slip adhesive strips

These safety products can be placed on top of the sink edges in order to guard against the hand slippage.   most especially if the surfaces are utilized for balance support.

Non-slip mats

Falls occur when the elders are getting back and forth the shower or tub. Having non-slip mat right on the floor of the tub or shower and non-slip rug on the floor specially when stepping out of the shower or tub definitely helps elder feel stable. This can also reduce slipping. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to step on the towel as this can easily slide away underneath the feet.

The Importance of Staying in Shape when Aging

exercise products

Exercise products, Staying in Shape when Aging

Being physically fit and healthy is very important not only to young ones but also to seniors. It is very important that seniors use proper exercise products to maintain an active lifestyle.  When you have elderly family members and they don’t have an healthy lifestyle, the results are negative.  If seniors do not have a balanced diet and proper exercise, the tendency is that they will acquire lots of diseases. When they have healthy diet and they exercise simply and regularly, they can become fit. Aside from that there are various benefits they can experience such as.

  • Healthy heart.  Seniors that eat good foods and do proper exercise like simple walking, can achieve a healthy heart. When they do it on a regular basis, they can have the capacity to lower the level of their blood pressure. Doing it at all times even though they do not have hypertension, they will not acquire it for sure. In addition, they can also eliminate their risk of acquiring other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Strong bones

    Doing exercise with low-fat or fat-free dairy products or nutritious foods as a whole, they can have strong bones in which they completely need as seniors. They also need to eat foods that are rich in calcium so that they will have the peace of mind of having a strong and healthy bones. Aside from that, they will have the ability to slow down their bone loss as a result of aging. Furthermore, they should employ exercise products from a reliable and trusted provider. This can offer exercise tools relevant to their needs as seniors.

  • They will be healthy as a whole.  When they are in good shape, they will have more energy, they can eliminate depression and anxiety, improve their self-confidence, and help them manage their problems and stress. All of these are one of the exercise benefits that they can experience. When your seniors do not have the interest to do simple exercise with the use of relevant exercise products, you should motivate them. You have to let them know the benefits it can give. Moreover, you can act as a role model to your old parents and grandparents.
  • Great social life

    .  Staying fit and healthy although they are old is an effective way towards achieving an enjoying life. That is because they can spend quality and enough time with their family and find new friends. When they are lonely and not healthy, they will not have the confidence to interact with other people. They will also isolate themselves with you as their family. So, you have to invest in buying relevant exercise products and nutritious foods for them so that they can stay fit and have that self-esteem to talk to people.

Certainly, when seniors are healthy and fit as they eat healthy foods and use exercise products, they can experience various exercise benefits. They will be able to fight against diseases and they can surely live longer. You will also spend more time with them and they will enjoy the rest of their lives. Furthermore, you have to love and care for them to help them have a positive outlook in their lives.

A great place to find quality exercise products for seniors is Home Fitness Garage.  They offer great prices, along with great customer service. We highly recommend them, and have used them before.  Some products that would be ideal are treadmills and exercise bikes.  However, depending on their condition, weights have shown great benefits to seniors. Here’s their website,